Friday, August 31, 2012

In Memory of my Dad....

I apologize to all my readers for the long silence. When I set out in early July for a trip to Europe and India, I was ready with my camera and notebook to keep you abreast of the food adventure I was about to embark on, after all I was heading for Paris, Mecca for foodies like you and me.
I was not prepared when my Dad passed away quite suddenly on my arrival in India. Although he had been ill for a prolonged period, it still came as a shock and was difficult to come to terms with.
If my mother taught me my cooking skills, it was my dad that taught me to eat healthy. He had a fetish for eating what was fresh and seasonal, and often shopped in the local markets back home as well as on his visits to me in various parts of the world. He would binge shop enough to drive my mother and me crazy. Sometimes it was way too much to fit in the refrigerator!

Now more than ever, open markets bring back memories of my dad and on my way back via Paris, I felt compelled to stop by one. I was temporarly comforted by the thought that he had been fortunate enough to travel the world and enjoy the best that life had to offer. He had an incredible lust for life and a passion for good food and drink which he instilled in me. Hopefully I will continue to do the same for my children.